The Cirrus Solution

At Cirrus Hair Centers we are committed to the latest developments in hair replacement - to assure our clients and hair replacement associates with the ultimate in natural hair replacement and to provide the highest standards in products and services.

In the past, someone who had hair loss had few acceptable options. At Cirrus, we are at the forefront of technological advances and the newest innovations. In addition to the latest technology, we have the professional staff to give you the personal attention you deserve. Hair that looks and feels great with service that makes you feel like an important person...because at Cirrus Hair Centers, you are!
Ken Webster

CiraDermTM is the Treatment Program to Stop Hair Loss and Prevent Hair Loss Before It Starts

With the quality products offered from our Cirrus Hair Center dealer, you do not have to wait until you lose your hair to benefit from the Cirrus Solution. With the CiraDermTM hair and scalp treatment program, you can minimize your hair loss and maximize the amount of hair you can re-grow. For more information abut services offered by Cirrus Hair Centers or CiraDermTM Treatment Program, contact your local Cirrus Hair Centers dealer for the solution for you.

21st Century Technology with
"CRT" and "NST"
Cirrus Restoration Technology
Natural Skin Technology

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