Whether you are in the hair restoration business, own your own hair salon and want to make the maximum of return on your current business investment while helping people who need you or even if you have never been involved in the hair related business, Cirrus Hair Centers can make it easy and fun to acquire the knowledge and experience to set you on a path to personal and financial success. Great hair from our own factories, training, quality products from our own chemist, marketing developed by our own highly experienced in-house graphic artist, management and support not only from the home office but a team of qualified and successful dealers that are on the board of advisors. There is also the possibility of protected territories for your dealership and/or franchise give you a name and more to add value to your company.

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You don't have to change your business name or who you are to become an active member of the elite Cirrus Hair Centers team.

It's neither that difficult nor expensive to get started. Just fill out the application to provide the necessary information and fax it to 901-685-8682. Our representative will get back with you by phone and/or e-mail to provide you with the information you requested.

Fillout the online Cirrus Dealer Application Now --- Cirrus Dealer Application

If you prefer, you can call the number below and we'll be glad to answer any questions you have. Don't wait until the area you are in or are interested in is taken. Take the next step now - it's just a phone call or e-mail away.

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