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CHMD Consultation What is Medical Hair Loss?

As you age, you may experience some thinning and hair loss over time. This is normal, but when you find your hair is coming out rapidly or concentrated in one area, it may be caused by an underlying medical condition. The first thing to do if you experience this type of hair loss is contact your physician and find out what might be causing your hair to fall out. Some of these causes may include chemotherapy or radiation, dietary insufficiencies, stress and anxiety disorders, or certain types of alopecia. The second thing you should do is call Cirrus Hair Centers for an evaluation of your hair loss.

What Can I Do?

Medical hair loss can be a difficult situation to handle. Not only are you dealing with the medical issues, but now you have your appearance to worry about as well. Don’t let it hold you back and get you down any longer! At Cirrus, we can give you the look that you deserve because we know that looking your best makes you feel your best! Whether your hair loss is caused by chemotherapy, radiation, stress or anxiety disorders, alopecia, burns, or any other medical situation, Cirrus has the solutions to make you feel yur best about the way you look!

The Cirrus staff is extensively trained to take care of you. Each of our stylists is experienced in custom fitting and designing your new hair to fit your unique situation.

What is the Cost?

Cirrus works with you, your family, and your personal physician to provide you with a custom designed Class I Medical Device to fit your needs. No matter what your financial situation, Cirrus can provide you with options to fit your budget. Cirrus will provide you with paperwork that may help you to obtain a prescription or insurance reimbursement for your hair prosthesis.

How is Cirrus Different?

At Cirrus, we are at the forefront of technological advances and the newest innovations to solve all of your hair loss problems.
Personal Service
We have the professional staff to give you the personal service you deserve.
We offer customized hair that looks and feels like your own natural growing hair.
Service and Experience
Our staff is extensively trained to perform service that makes you look your very best with personal and professional attention to the details of your hair loss. We have been working for over 30 years to perfect the science of hair replacement and Class I medical device.

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