Why Hair is Lost?

There are many reasons for hair loss, some are genetic and others are due to medical or environmental problems as well as accidents or burns. The general categories of hair loss are as follows:

1) Male or female genetic loss, commonly known or referred to as male or female pattern hair loss.

2) Medical loss that can be the result of cancer treatments in the form of chemo- therapy, radiation, and other medical problems resulting from diseases and medication taken for but not limited to lupus, circulatory problems, diabetes, thyroid, and other medical conditions.

3) Nutritional loss from receiving inadequate dietary nutrients essential to the building of proteins and other essentials needed by our bodies.

4) Environmental loss, an example, the exposure to excessive heat, cold, dust, debris and chemical environments.

5) Stress loss has recently been discovered to have a great deal of influence on many conditions that are considered medical problems such as heart, blood pressure problems, digestive problems, etc. in addition to hair loss or thinning.

The most common of these losses as mentioned are male or female genetic loss more commonly know as male or female pattern baldness. This occurs in men usually at the start of puberty and the formation on male hormones (testosterone) and its derivative DHT. In women, it usually occurs at or around the start of the change of life or after child birth and the change of hormone estrogen. With men, it can occur more suddenly. With women, it can take a slower approach, all because of the hormone change in our bodies.

Hormone change can be accompanied by a combination of other types of losses as we have previously listed. This is why it so important to get advise at the first notice of excessive hair loss from your doctor or other professionals. Excessive sudden hair loss could indicate more sever medical conditions. It is normal to lose some hair. Usually 40 to 100 hairs a day are lost but we should be replacing about that same amount. A continued loss of more hair than this and any major, sudden thinning are visual indicators that something is wrong. Hair loss may not be totally prevented but it can be controlled, in most cases retarded and in many cases “re-grown” to some extent with the application of FDA approved products recognized and proven to grow hair. Your Cirrus Hair Center professional has these products and answers available to help you with your individual type of hair loss. Call or email Cirrus today to set up your free, no obligation appointment to receive your video scalp analysis and information from a 21st century company and professional. Cirrus places you first and gives you the attention and service you deserve.

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