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Just as there is no single answer to what causes hair loss,
there is no single solution to solve the problem.
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Cirrus Hair Dr. Friedman What makes Dr. Friedman different?

  • Incisions are made with custom chisel blades cut to the exact size of the individual patient’s follicular units.
  • The placement of the grafts follow the patient’s own natural hair direction and pattern.
  • Specialized suturing manipulates the patient’s own hair to grow in a way that it covers the miniscule scar.

At Cirrus, we have the “Cirrus Solution” that is right for you. CiraDerm Laser treatments to slow or stop hair loss and possibly help grow hair back and non-medical hair reconstruction are just two of our approaches. Now with the surgical techniques, developed and practiced by Dr. Shelly Friedman of the Scottsdale Institute, we at Cirrus are proud to offer the surgical option. Dr. Friedman’s skill and experience of performing more than 10,000 surgical hair restoration procedures more than speak of his ability to meet the needs and wants of both men and women across the United States and abroad. Contact your Cirrus Hair Center professional today for your private evaluation and see how we can help you discover the right answer for your hair loss situation. In just minutes, you will know which procedures you qualify for, and you will be surprised by the affordability of having hair once again.

Cirrus Hair Transplant
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