CiraDerm Follicle Stimulator

delivers essential nutrients for optimal hair as well as return hair to its normal stage of being healthy and vibrant. Feeds the follicles and helps remove obstacles that impede hair health and growth. 8 oz.

CiraDerm Follicle Cleanser Shampoo

Clogged hair follicles and heavy dirt on roots of the hair can cause serious hair porblems. Follicle Cleanser Shampoo uses herbal extracts to deep cleanse the hair root while stimulating circulation as Zink PCA regulates the sebasceous gland. 8 oz.

CiraDerm Enzyme Block

Highly concentrated preparation for home and in-salon treatments.Contains agents that stimulate production of protein at the follicle level and reduce the activity of the enzyme that transforms testosterone to DHT. 2.2 oz.

Cirrus Hair Nutrition

provides hair with much needed structural nutrition and proteins to make hair stronger, longer, healthier and with less breakage.Today's diet lacks nutrition needed for healthy hair. 60 tablets

For Quality Control of Hair and Scalp

Results you can see!

Four Months
Eight Months
Scalp before and after treatment
After eight months of treatment

  • Reduce Hair Fallout
  • Re-Grow Your Hair
  • Clear severe seborrheic dermatitis
  • Generally increase the quality of your hair or scalp

It is best to complete a series of combined CiraDermTM in-salon and home treatments with the use of products included with the “Cirrus Laser Therapy.” (Other stimulation may be substituted).

Use of products alone (without the laser) will help to enhance your scalp or hair loss problems, but without the professional use of equipment, cleansing, and application, you cannot expect to receive the maximum results possible. The results each person receives will vary with the condition of their scalp and extent and reason for their hair loss.

Extreme amounts of hair loss over short periods of time may indicate a more severe medical problem. If in doubt about your hair loss, it is best to contact medical or other professionals. Hair loss usually does not happen overnight. It is a slow and progressive occurrence and may take time to stop, slow and/or re-grow.

An individual loses 40 to 100 hairs normally a day but they should be replacing almost the same amount in the same period of time. The average growth of a individual hair is one inch over a seventy-two day period.

One must be patient to realize success. Treatments are usually over a six month period but may be tailored as to the number or treatments and time period, for the individual. Although you will realize immediate results as to the condition of your scalp and existing hair quality, it will be a little longer before you see evidence of new hair growth.

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