Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  What products do you have to help slow or stop hair loss and help with the regrowth of your hair?

A:  Check out our exclusive and complete line of our CiraDerm products and be sure to check out our Cirrus Hair Center website under our laser, scalp hair treatments, and products for more information.  We also have available for purchase, the "HairMax" Laser Comb, approved by the FDA as a hair growth device.

2.  Can I purchase Cirrus Hair Care products from any salon, chain store or grocery?

A: No.  You can only purchase Cirrus Hair Centers’ hair care products from an authorized Cirrus Hair Center or only the Cirrus Hair Center web site E-Store at www.cirrushair.com/store/Default.aspx?PageName=Store.

3.  Why are Cirrus Hair Center products different?

A:  All of Cirrus hair care products are made with a purpose.  We have many different products designed to fit any one in the family with their different needs.  Our products are made primarily from natural ingredients, "botanicals", that are formulated to provide the best  for your hair and scalp.  The ingredients are also eco-friendly for the environment. 

4.  Do you have a moisture conditioner?

A:  Yes, we have a special Silk Moisture Conditioner as well as a companion Moisturizing Shampoo.  The nutrient rich CiraPlus Silk Moisture Conditioner contains specially formulated botanicals and both rice protein  and corn proteins along with silk amino acids that work together to elevate and adjust your hair to the needed moisture level without over moisturizing.  From the driest chemically stripped hair to someone with normal  hair, it works equally well.  Try our CiraPlus Moisture Shampoo with our CiraPlus Silk Moisture Conditioner.

5.  Do you have a shampoo that will provide more volume to my hair?

A:  Yes.  Our  CiraPlus Shampoo infuses weightless volume into fine or thin hair while it revitalizes and conditions.  This is an excellent daily-use shampoo and a wonderful oily hair and scalp shampoo.

6.  Do you have clarifying shampoo?

A:  Yes.  Our Krystal Klear Kiwi Shampoo is absolutely the best on the market.   Made with the proteins  and aminos of the Kiwi, it not only clears the  hair of build up but helps in healing/improving the scalp.  Most people feel an immediate difference in their hair  after just the first use.  A great shampoo for swimmers for removing chlorine from the hair.  It makes your hair feel silky and smooth.  Anyone using a moderate amount of styling aids or products should clarify their hair once a week.

7.  Do you have styling products without alcohol?

A:  Yes.  We have several, such as our Hold and Protect Spray, C-Gel styling gel, CiraPlus Foaming Mousse, and our  special award winning Cira Spray Gel.